2020: Navigating Media Now

Media is an essential element of marketing and plays an important role in everyone's lives-- especially during the ongoing pandemic. Yet media, like so many aspects of business and society, now faces new disruptions and significant upheavals-- on many levels. 

While marketers have serious concerns about change in many areas of media, they are also focused on staying ahead of this transformation.  For example, while a majority seek better understanding of the Media Spending Outlook as plans have been postponed, delayed or canceled in response to changing messages and budgets in an apprehensive world, marketers still remain greatly interested in which emerging media technologies they should pay attention to now.   

They are also realists.  Marketers recognize that consumers are starting to show signs of pandemic media burnout, which adds another dimension to media fluidity.  Both consumer and B2B audience behaviors underscore a shift in ways of connecting and purchasing. Plus, marketers want to find creative ways to leverage data, especially as they realize the impact of new legislation through the world focused on data protection.

And while many would assume that amid COVID safety concerns and revenue shortfalls, transparency issues would be less of a priority now—it is simply not true.  (Only 21.4% thought media transparency was less important now.)  In contrast, 82.1% of respondents indicated that invalid traffic and fraud in digital advertising was still very much a worrisome challenge.

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